Pastor - David F. Kane

Pastor Kane grew up in a suburb of Rochester, New York.  He attended Rush-Henrietta Schools from elementary through high school.  In 1973, he attended Concordia College where he completed studies for a Bachelor of Arts in Education by 1976.  In 1980, he began graduate studies in education at Niagara University, but transferred in 1982 to the University of Rochester.  He completed a Master’s in Education by 1984 and an additional certification Graduate program by 1988.  In 2005, David entered the Seminary at Ft. Wayne, Indiana completing studies to become a pastor in 2009.

Pastor Kane served in Lutheran Schools as a teacher, counselor and principal.  He also worked as a counselor, classification officer and academy instructor for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.  As well, he was a transition counselor, program administrator and Guidance Counselor for the Rochester City School District.  David was a counselor and program administrator for the Monroe County Bar Association’s Pre-Trial Services prior to entering the Seminary.

Since completing his studies at Concordia Theological Seminary, Pastor Kane was the sole pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Chillicothe, Ohio and currently is serving Concordia Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio.  Pastor Kane was the Circuit Visitor for the Southern 3rd Circuit of the Ohio District from 2010 until 2017.  He was the circuit’s pastoral representative to the Synodical Convention in 2012.

In 2009 Pastor Kane began a Bible Study at the Hopeton Village senior apartment building where he met the woman who would later become his wife.  Teresa, and Pastor Kane began dating in 2011and by 2013 they married.

Pastor Kane loves outdoor activities including, cross country skiing, golf, fishing, baseball, snorkeling, biking and hiking. 

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